Sails and rigging

The sails  have been routinely serviced by the local sail maker  loft in Mount Clemens Michigan. They have measured the boat, and the sails.  There are six self tailing winches, Four Line clamps and two large cleats in the cockpit. There are full canvas, with windows and screens customized to the boat.

I make the dimensions to be as follows.

I=46.50, J=15.2, P=41.0, E=12.6  (I means deck to mast top, J means bow to mast, P means boom to mast top, E means length of the boom.  there are many sails options available.

Halyards, and Control lines: Whisper will be found with all Halyards and Control lines current.

1/4 inch shrouds in good condition. We also have running baby backs on blocks fastened to the toe rail. They are not used much except at dock, where they prove handy for getting on and off.  The back stay is a split back stay with turnbuckles .


1. Number one jib, excellent condition, full navy blue sunbrella. Full hoist, well placed tell tales, re-in-forced cringles.

2. 150% Tri Radial Doyle Jenny. Big and powerful, good condition, white sunbrella cover , and foam luff, good shape when a third rolled.

3. Smaller cruising kite, re-cut thru the center to replace frayed panel, very lite use over the years, full set of hardware and sheets, deploys from a turtle on the deck. With a large spin pole.

4. Light Jenny, little or no use

5. Storm Jib with Number 6 tape.

Main sails;

1. The current number one is an offshore North Sail, re-cut, reworked, three reefs, heavy and sails loose footed.

2. Large main number two, full foot, good  roach, a light air sail, very light use.

Matching Mail-sail cover two years old

Standing rigging: 1/4 inch stainless steel wire, stored annually indoors, with the mast, good condition, original to the boat, no known issues.

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